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Tackle complex topics with these intensive, information-packed optional half-day workshops. Pre-registration is required, and is available when you register for COLLABORATE.

Sunday, April 19
12:30 p.m. - 4 p.m.

The E-Business Suite R12.2.9 Upgrade Workshop for Managers, DBAs and Developers

Mike Swing, CTO, TruTek

Release 12.2 is the new standard for the E-Business Suite. This session is for managers, DBAs and developers. We'll discuss the upgrade to 12.2.9, how to use ADOP (the Online Patching utility), the new utilities and the new processes developers will have to follow in order apply customizations. We will cover steps that developers and DBAs need to complete to prepare for the upgrade. Managers will learn how to better manage this new technology and minimize risk. All team members will learn techniques to minimize downtime during patching, even after the upgrade.

Oracle Analytics Cloud Service (OAC) Hands-on Workshop

John McGale, Analytics Director, Performance Architects

Oracle Analytics Cloud, powered by the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, is a comprehensive analytics platform that empowers you to ask any question – of any data – in any environment – on any device. This workshop illustrates how organizations can create and blend data, create highly interactive self-service data visualization and analysis, securely collaborating and sharing analysis across teams, and leveraging embedded augmented analytics and machine learning capabilities to deliver the fastest time to insight across all your data.

Role Design, Security, and Controls Best Practices for Oracle ERP Cloud (Fusion) Applications

Jeffrey Hare, CPA CISA CIA, Founder and CEO, ERP Risk Advisors
Donna Curtis, ERP Cloud Practice Lead, ERP Risk Advisors

ERP Risk Advisors CEO, Jeffrey T. Hare, CPA CISA CIA, and our ERP Cloud Practice Manager, Donna Curtis will provide you expertise on how to effectively design role and implement security for organizations running Oracle’s ERP Cloud (Fusion) Applications. We will present our publicly available risk advisory articles and how to ensure compliance with our best practice recommendations. This workshop will address key IT controls that need to be developed before going live. We will also address various mechanisms for building and monitoring controls including audit policies, OBI cubes, and SQL queries.

EBS Upgrade StreetSmarts®, a Guide to Executing Oracle EBS R12.2.x Upgrades

Bill Dunham, OATC, Inc. 
Michael Barone, OATC, Inc.

Whether you are upgrading on-premises or in the cloud, or lifting, tinkering and shifting your EBS installation to Azure, AWS or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, this workshop will take you through a step-by-step approach of upgrading to Oracle EBS Applications R12.2.x (12.2.8/12.2.9). 
We will cover project governance, planning, getting to the first working instance of R12.2.x, remediating CEMLIs (customizations, extensions, modifications, localizations and integrations), functional challenges, and defining, designing, building and executing conference room pilots (CRPs). Attendees will leave this workshop with the knowledge and confidence necessary to perform an upgrade internally or with outside assistance. In addition, attendees will leave with a clear understanding of many upgrade issues and problems, Oracle documentation references to navigate the upgrade process, and the confidence to execute an upgrade project on time and within budget.  
This session covers a variety of topics including program/project management, functional, development and database administration activities and tasks, and is designed for End Users, CIOs, IT Managers, or Department Managers trying to understand more about these projects.

Free Workshop: E-Business Suite Extensions using APEX - Soups to Nuts

Sylvain Martel, APEX Practice Director, Insum

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) covers most business processes any organization needs, but there are always gaps that require extensions.  Existing development tools like Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports or Oracle Application Framework (OAF) have been used with some past success but are less compatible with current technologies.  Whether your EBS environment is on-prem or in the cloud (OCI), leveraging APEX is the right choice, right now.

This workshop will present in detail how APEX can be used to bridge EBS and completely satisfy your organization’s business processes.  Through both lecture and hands-on labs, we will share our years of experience.  We'll cover best practices and various development techniques including EBS context enablement for MOAC and R12.2 specifics.

During the workshop, we will develop together a fully functioning EBS-APEX application that includes online transactions, reporting and dashboarding.

Learning objectives:

  1. Why extend EBS, and why APEX is a viable alternative for EBS extensions.
  2. Understand how to recreate the EBS context inside an APEX application.
  3. Provide participants with step-by-step instructions on how to interact with EBS and external data.

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We had not known about Analyzers prior to attending two year ago. They have helped us tremendously.