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Presentation PowerPoint Template

  • All presenters are required to use the official COLLABORATE 19 PowerPoint template (download below) for COLLABORATE 19 presentations.
    • Failure to use this template will jeopardize your COLLABORATE 19 complimentary registration and your ability to present.
    • All PowerPoint presentations must use a 16:9 aspect ratio.
      • To ensure your ratio setting is correct, go to the “Design” tab in PowerPoint, click “Slide Size” and choose “Widescreen (16:9).”
        Slide Size selection dialog in PowerPoint
    • Presentation slides submitted in any other format will not be accepted.
  • Do not change the layout of the slides.
  • The template font sizes have been set to ensure optimal readability by the audience. If you must change font sizes in the template, please use a minimum 16-point. Presentation rooms are large; there may be up to 200 attendees in a session.
  • Keep all graphics simple.
  • The first slide is to be used for your session ID#, presentation title, your name, title and company.
  • You may include one (1) slide for your presenter information and one (1) slide for your company’s information and logo.
  • The remaining slides must only contain the agenda and content of your presentation.
    • You may not use your company’s logo on any slides other than your company information slide. If you do place your logo throughout, the presentation will be returned to you for correction.
  • You may include a slide with your “thank you” and contact information.
  • Save your final presentation slides file in PDF format for uploading (see Upload Guidelines).

By downloading the official COLLABORATE 19 PowerPoint template below, you acknowledge these requirements.

If you have any questions, concerns or issues, please contact Mike Jones, OAUG Education Manager at or +1 310.489.4817.

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